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51 is the really the
Android 51
5.1 prototype android of Dr.Hanh. She is attacked by Z1 when she is first created. Thus she looses her memory, she runs away from Hanh thinking he is trying to kill her. She gets hurt running and she passes out in a tiny village (67 miles) west of Gingertown. A saiyan, Maddox finds her. He flies her to Pariah's Hospital. Oncwe their he tries to leave but she wakes up, afraid that she will remember his home he rushes out of the Hospital. A confused and dazed 51 calls for Topaz, who she m
51 and maddox

51 and Maddox.

akes great friends with, she asks her where she is. Topaz tells her that she is at a hospital. It takes time but she heals then suddenly one day she gets some of her memory back. She remembers Maddox and she goes to find him. She finds him and she tells him who she is. Then they get attacked by Z1. He shields her and that starts things for them. They end up going out but his family is still there at the Runners Camp. They can't leave but then Bulma offers his family a place to stay at Capsule Corp. They all live their together and not a year later they find out she is pregnant with twins; Tajo and Tacey. But sadly Maddox disappears before the babies are born. He returns when the twins are 2, he comes and goes but he loves his family. 51 loves her family and she would do for them.

About her fightingEdit

51 isn't really a fighter, since she lost her memory but she does have some fighting techniques. She has Terrakinesis, Hydrokinesis and Haemokinesis. She is also skilled with a baton and a dagger
Android 51 and maddox

51 and Maddox<3

/sword. She has light pink ki and she only fights when she has to.


Kind, Smart, Loving, Quiet, Spacey, Thoughtful, Loves Helping Others, Wonderful Mother.


-Lives at Capsule Corp.

-Is close friends with Topaz and Bulma

-Has angel wings tattooed in the small ofher back

-Has Terrakinesis

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