Android 0XX0 (Tufa)Edit

Android 0XX0 or Tufa is the very first android created by Dr.
Android 0XX0

Android 0XX0 aka Tufa.

Nikaidou. Because she was her first androids their were come complications. As a result she is blind and she is going deaf. She is shy, timid and very shy of people. In other words she is not a very social girl. Her nickname is Tufa (the Mininsan words for special infant) also she doesn't age past age 4.

Back Story/FlashbackEdit

Tufa is completly blind in both eyes, it is a result of a manufacturing error. She is also going deaf so she is blind and deaf. She is also always accompianied by Android 0XX4, this way she won't get lost or into any trouble. She is also very shy and timid around people.


Tufa is sweet and shy. She is not very social and she is shy toward people. She loves her family and she is NOT a fighter.


-Is Dr. Nikaidou's first android

-Is NOT a fighter

-Is blind and deaf

-Her guradian is Android 0XX4

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