Android 0XX10 or GoranEdit

Android 0XX10 or Goran is the 10th
Android 0XX10 goran

Goran pissed >:(

creation of Dr. Nikaidou. He is quiet, independant and he has a temper as bad as Broly's. He is also the boyfriend of Android 0XX4, and he helps her care for Android 0XX0 and Android 0XX9. Casha can bring him back from any mood and he trusts her completly. Goran loves his family and he would do anything for them.

Goran's PowersEdit

Goran is a mental and a physical fighter. He has Electrokinesis, Haemokinesis, and Necrokinesis. Electrokiensis allows him to be able to control, bend and create electricity. Haemokinesis allows him to be able to control and bend the blood in another body. Necrokinesis allows him to be able to weaken someones body and immune system this way he can kill them without being seen doing it. He can also go Super Saiyan until level 8. Goran is an extremely powerful fighter and messing with him is a bad idea.

Later onEdit

Goran and Android 0XX4 meet their time of creation and they become close friends. She helps him train and even helps her care for Android 0XX0 and Android 0XX9. Then he fights Android 12 looses. He is beaten but he refuses to let anyone help him. Casha helps him up and she cleans him up. Once he is settles he expresses his feelings for her. She blushes and tells him she loves him, they kiss. Telala and Karake were there so they tell Dr. Nikaidou. She allows their love and they end up having a baby together. They name the baby girl Carys, they never get married but they do stay with each other until the end.


Goran is independant, quiet and has a very bad temper. He is smart, observant and stubborn. Goran is over all kind and quiet, he defenatley loves his family.


-His temper is as bad as Broly's

-He and Android 0XX4 never marry

-Has red ki

-Doesn't age

-His most dormant power is Hydrokinesis

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