Android 109Edit

Android 109 is one of the androids created by Dr.Hanh. Her
Android 109

Android 109.

appearance mirrors that of Blonde Launch's. She is also part of Hanh's Collection 9, that is a collection of androids that have powers and appearances of other Z-Fighters. She is stubborn, rebelious and headstrong. 109 loves fighting and she is mostly loyal to Dr.Hanh.

Android 109's PowersEdit

Android 109 is a mental and a physical fighter. She has Electrokinesis and Haemokinesis. Electrokiensis allows her to be able to control and create electricity. Haemokinesis allows her to be able to control and bend the blood in another body. 109 is mostly loyal to Dr.Hanh but she does things her way and she doesn't take orders from anyone. She loves fighting and she even unoffically joins the Z-Fighters.

Later onEdit

Just before 109 joins the Z-Fighters she slept with other one of Hanh's androids. As a result she gets pregnant with a baby girl she later names, Discordia. She is very protective of her and she would do anything for her. 109 and Discordia are very close and they love each other very much.


109 is rebelious, stubborn and headstrong. She doesn't like listening and she does everything the way she wants it done. She is independent, cocky and arragant. 109 loves her daughter very much.


-Has 1 daughter

-Has blue ki

-Is part of Hanh's Collection 9

-Her most dormant power is Dracokinesis

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