Android 17.Edit

Android 17.3 is one of the
17.3 death stare at barive

17.3 death stare at Barive.

androids created by Dr.Tsukiyomi. He is slick, clever and collective. He is also the life partner of Android 16.3. 17.3 loves fighting and he would do anything for his family.

Android 17.3's PowersEdit

Android 17.3 is a mental and a physical fighter. He has Kromokinesis and Haemokinesis. Kromokinesis allows him to be able to control cells. Haemokinesis allows him to be able to control and bend the blood in another body. He also has a very special technique called the 'Death Stare', it allows him to be able to control his opponents minds so he can gain the upper hand. 17.3 loves fighting and he never gives up.

Later onEdit

17.3 meets 16.3 shortly after he is created. They train together, fight together, and even sleep together. They decide to turn their friendship into a realationship, so they start dating. After their father Dr.Tsukiyomi gave the go ahead they joined the Z-Fighters. But soon their realationship gets put to the test. He fights Barive and they are both nearly killed. 16.3 finds him after the fight, he nearly dies. She is very afraid because she is 28 weeks pregnant, 17.3 flat lines 4 times during his recovery. After he healed 16.3 tells him that she is pregnant, 11 weeks later she gives birth to a baby girl they name Covertiana. 17.3 loves her family dearly and he would do anything for them.


17.3 is sly, sneaky and smart. He always has a back up plan and he is very quick on his feet. 17.3 loves his family and he would do anything for them.


-Has 6 piercings

-Is a full sythetic android

-Has grey ki

-His most dormant power is Gyorkinesis

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