Android 18 model 2Edit

Android 18 model 2 is one of the androids
18 model 2 kisses krillin 2 draw 18 out

18 model 2 kisses Krillin to draw out 18 from hiding.

created by Dr.Hanh. Hanh stole the blueprints of the origanal 17 and 18 models and he used them to built; Android 17 model 2 and Android 18 model 2.

18 model 2 is rebelious and she doesn't care who she hurts. She and 17 model 2 have a volital, love hate realationship. They are almost always together and they go out destroying and rampaging all the time. She loves 17 model 2 but she calls him a prick a lot because he is very controlling.

Android 18 model 2's PowersEdit

18 model 2 has Haemokinesis, Quantokinesis, and Umbrakinesis. Haemokinesis allows her to be able to control the blood in another body. Quantokinesis allows her to be able to effect and control matter but on a moleculer level. Umbrakinesis allows her to be able to blend into the shadows and gather information undetected. She is an incrdible fighter and her black death ki is a great advantage to her but not to her enemies.

Later onEdit

18 model 2 and her partner Android 17 model 2 have a volital love hate realationship. Like one moment they will be fighting side by side then next thing you they will be at each others throats. She is often calling him an over baring prick. But over all they love each other.

17 and 18 model 2 )

17 and 18 model 2.

One day 18 model 2 finds out she is pregnant so they wait 9 months and they leave the baby on the door of the Kame House where Krillin and Android 18 raise the baby. 17 and 18 model 2 leave a name tag with the baby and her name is Vinna. She looks a lot like 18 model 2.


18 model 2 is rebelious and she is a real bitch. She doesn't know when to shut up and she is really rude. She is over all really bitchy and she has no chance of becoming good but she doesn't seem to care.


-She is created from an old Android 18 blueprint

-She and 17 model 2 are true villains

-Has Quantokinesis

-17 model 2 stole the pink necklace from a high end jewlery store and gave it to her

-Has black death ki

-She kills Len

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