Android AZEdit

Android AZ is one of the androids created by Dr.Cris and Crisis.
Android AZ

Android AZ.

She is the one that helped Joseph. She gave him an android heart because his was failing. So he became half of an android. She agreed to keep it a secret. She is very sarcastic and she can be really rude when you piss her off. She is one of Crisis and Dr.Cris's more responsible androids. She is kind and very sweet when you get to know her.

Android AZ's PowersEdit

Android AZ has Pyrokinesis like all of the other Androids Created By Dr.Cris and Crisis.

List of TechniquesEdit

-Earth Splicer

-Heart Lock

-Rainbow Streaks

-Dynamite Strike

-Golden Light

-Crystal Beam

Later onEdit

When she is out with Ima and Android NO she meets a man named George. They hit things off right away and they start dating. She has child with him a girl by the name Feraya. He dies 3 months before she is born but AZ and their daughter carry on his memory


AZ is responsible and very kind. She is generous when you get to know her. But getting to know her is hard because she appears to be moody and bitchy all the time. She is responsible and she is also very sarcastic. She loves her daughter and she would do anything for Feraya


-She can go Super Saiyan

-Has grey purple ki

-Her husband was killed in an Android 11 and Android 12 attack

-She has Pyrokinesi