Android BCEdit

Android BC is one of the Androids Created By Dr.Cris and Crisis.
Android BC

Android BC at the Lookout.

She is one of there twin android pairs. Her twins' name is Android AB. BC is commonly mistaken as her model 2 form even though they look nothing alike. Android BC andAndroid BC model 2 (Bia) are close and they have many things in common. They share powers like Hydrokinesis and Metakinesis and some attacks. She is very kind but she is very sarcastic about all things especially with her romance with Android DC. She loves him and they are a perfect couple.

Android BC's PowersEdit

She is both a mental and a physical fighter. She shares many techniques with her model 2 self. She also has other techniques such as:

List of Techniques: Edit


Lime Green Ki

Puzzle Shock

Earth Splicer



Crash and Crumble

Boom Boxing

Pitch Spinner

Later onEdit

She meets Android DC when she is created. He is her tutor and they very quickly fall for each other. They kiss and thats when things get weird. She finds out she is pregnant with twins then one suddenly is stolen from inside her. She and DC tell Dr.Cris and she tells them to keep good hope. They try so hard to keep hope alive and soon their first baby Cali. 5 years later they find out that Hanh took their baby and that she became Hahn's Malcadh 47.1. They take her home and they rename her Keil. BC and DC do everything to protect their family.


-She has a model 2 version of herself

-She can go Super Saiyan

-She has lime green ki

-Her most dormant power is Aerokinesis

-She is both a physical and a mental fighter

-Her ultimate technique is called the Pitch Spinner &nbsp