Android BC model 2 (Bia)Edit

Android BC model 2 or Bia, is the mother of
Uub and bia1

Uub and Bia <3.

Rhiannon and the is the wife of Uub. She is also the model version of Android BC. She is close to her sister and she loves her family, Dr.Cris, and her siblings. She loves to help people and she is very smart. She knows how to play it smart and she always has a back up plan. She is very sweet and is very generous. She is one who got Android AZ to help Joseph.

Bia's PowersEdit

Bia has Pyrokinesis like all her other siblings.

List of TechniquesEdit

-Puzzle Shock

-Heart Lock

-Rainbow Beam

-Gold Fire

Uub and bia kiss

Uub and Bia kiss <3.



Later onEdit

Bia falls in love with Goku's student. His name is Uub. She is working at the lookout withMr. Popo, he introduces them and when she walks over to him to shake his hand, she trips. Uub catches her, they both blush and after that he asks her to watch him train. She agrees and once the day is over he asks her on a sunset stroll. She says yes and on that walk they kiss. Only a year later they are enguaged and expecting a baby. They have a girl named Rhiannon, 4 years later they have a boy they name Uub Jr. Bia loves her family and would do anything to protect and keep them safe.


Uub and bia

Uub and Bia.

-She has Pyrokinesis

-She is almost as smart as Bulma

-She works at the Lookout

-Her most dormant power is Terrakinesis

-Her eyes are different colors because she is a model 2 android

-She has a sweet tooth