Android KT (Kat)Edit

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Android KT or Kat is one of the androids that Dr.Hanh and Dr.Cris created. She is also the wife of Piccolo and the mother of Avelynn, Turk, Kellalai, KJ and Tearin . She loves her family and she fights along side them with the Z-Fighters.

KT (Kat)'s PowersEdit

KT has Pyrokinesis like Dr.Cris and Crisis's androids have and she also has Umbrakinesis and Metakinesis. Pyrokinesis allows her to be able to control and bend fire. Umbrakinesis allows her to blend into the shadows and spy on others she is very good at keeping quiet and steathy. Metakinesis allows her to be able to control anything metal or metal based. She is an incredible fighter and she always has a back up plan.

Later onEdit

When she is created she is only loyal
Piccolo and KT-Kat

Piccolo and Kat kiss.

to Dr.Cris, she can't stand Dr.Hanh and when she tried to leave he stopped her. She beat him easily and made her escape she was flying toward North City and then she was shot down by Z2 and she crashed at the Lookout. Piccolo found her lying their and he guarded her until Z2 retreated. He nursed her back to health and she thanks him constently. He and KT grow close to each other and soon she is pregnant with their oldest, a girl they name Avelynn. Almost 6 years later she finds out she is pregnant this time with twins they name Turk and Kellalai. She later has KJ and then Tearin a few years after. KT loves her family and she would do anything for them.


KT is sweet but she is agressive at times. She is good at handling people and she does her best to keep her guard up. She only lets her guard down for her kids and Piccolo. She loves her family and they come first in her life.


-She and Piccolo never marry

-She hates Dr.Hanh

-Her most dormant power is Terrakinesis

-Piccolo gave her the nickname "Kat"

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