Android LEdit

Android L

Android L.

Android L is one of the 3 androids created by Crisis. This triplet android set was created by Crisis 2 years before his partnership with Dr.Cris. 2 of the 3 androids left and went there own ways. L also left but she left later than the other 2. But L returned after Crisis died and she stayed behind to help out Dr.Cris with things around the lab. Then after the destruction of the Cell Games she collected the remains of Android 16. She helps Dr.Cris rebuilt him. She ends up falling in love with 16 and marrying him. She even has a kid with him a girl by the name of Hayden. Anyways she is kind, sneeky and very smart. She fights with the Maja Z-Fighters/Gen1 along side her bretheren and her friends. She cares deeply for others and she does her best to protect the innocent. Android L loves her family very much and she cares deeply about them.

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