Android RNNEdit

Android RNN is one of the Androids Created by
Android RNN`

Android RNN.

Dr.Cris and Dr.Hanh. He is solem and he doesn't talk much. He is completley under Dr.Hanh's control and he has no free will or control of himself. He cares very much about Android NNR and he gave up his free will to help her escape from Hanh.

Android RNN's PowersEdit

Android RNN has Umbrakinesis and Fantakinesis. Umbrakinesis allows him to be able to blend into the shadows and gather information without being detected. Fantakinesis allows him to be able to turn fantasy to reality. RNN is an incredible fighter and he is not the type of person you wanna mess with.


Android RNN is solem and serious. He doesn't talk much and he isn't very social. He is always with his twin Android NNR and also Z2 is usually around him. He shows no emotion on the battle field or anywhere else. He never harms anyone that is a civillian or a by stander.

Story Flashback/Later OnEdit

When Android D46 was going to live with Dr.Cris permanently, their was a ton of drama. He tried to help D46 and NNR so he sacrificed his own freedom and free will to allow Android D46 and Android NNR to escape. They get away and 4 years later he reunites with NNR. NNR helps RNN break free of Dr.Hanh's control and they run off together.They date for a while and soon they find out that Android NNR is going to have a baby, they name their son Cofan.


-Has Fantakinesis

-He wears the black face mask because he has a huge scar going from the bottom of his cheek to his chin

-He is created 2 months before NNR

-Has navy blue ki

-He was created from Piccolo's DNA

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