Androids Created By Dr. NikaidouEdit

Dr.Nikaidou created her androids for the simple purpose of helping others.

She creates her androids also to stop Dr.Hanh's evil androids. They help her out with her kids and all her androids (execpt Android 0XX0, of course she is blind so she can't see what she is doing) are fighters. She has a total of 14 androids plus Android X33. Anyways her androids are all good and she calls her androids her kids, they also call her mom.

Android X33 also lives with Sharrete. Dr. Nikaidou cares deeply for her and her kids/androids.

Androids She CreatedEdit

Android 0XX0

Android 0XX1

Android 0XX2

Android 0XX3

Android 0XX4

Android 0XX5

Android 0XX6

Android 0XX7

Android 0XX8

Android 0XX9

Android 0XX10

Android 0XX11

Android 0XX12

Android 0XX13

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