Atlas is a friend of Aphrodite, Art, and

Atlas attacks Z2!!!

Blaze. He is solem, serious and quiet. He is a full blooded saiyan and he loves fighting.

Atlas's PowersEdit

Atlas is almost an all physic fighter. He has Electrokinesis, Pyrokinesis and Psychokinesis. Electrokinesis allows him to be able to control, bend and create electricity. Pyrokinesis allows him to be able to control and bend fire. Psychokinesis allows him to be able to control and munipulate the minds of others, so he can make them do as he pleases. Atlas is an incredible fighter and he loves fighting.

Later onEdit

When Atlas is 17 he comes to Earth with Art, Aphrodite and Blaze. He meets a saiyan girl, Tabia . They start talking, then they hang out. They start dating a year later, soon they find out Tabia is pregnant with a baby boy Andrade. Atlas loves his family and he would do anything for them.


Atlas is solem, serious, quiet and observant. He is smart, always prepared skilled. Atlas loves his family and he loves fighting.


-Is a full blooded saiyan

-Is closest to Blaze

-His most dormant power is Hydrokinesis

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