Auris is the youngest child of
Auris and guardian character daicha

Auris and Daicha.

Yamcha and Ima. He looks up to his older siblings; Trent, Yelena, January, Ruby, Dominique`, and Zelle. He also has a stepsister named Seige. He and his guardian character Daicha have tons of adventures and that's where he meets his mentor, Android K133. He loves his family and he fighting along side the Maja Z-Fighters/Gen2 with his siblings, cousins and friends.

Auris's PowersEdit

Auris is a physical and mental fighter. He has Pyrokinesis and Terrakinesis. Pyrokinesis allows him to be able to control and bend fire. Terrakineis allows him to be able to control and bend earth/rock.

Auris also has a mentor, her name is Android K133. He and Daicha were out training when they come across a girl training with Jayjja Mii (in her emotion form). She sees him and she offers him to be her training partner. He agrees and they form a tight friendship. After that day he asks K113 to be is mentor, she agrees and thats that. He loves training with her and his family likes her and Jayjja Mii. They even offer up their guest room for them. They accept and after 3 years of training with her he has almost doubled his power level.

One day K113 tells him to meet her for a spar fight and when goes to find her she is laying face down in the clearing. She is DEAD and Z2 is standing over her body. Auris looses it and attacks Z2, he is easily beaten and Jayjja Mii and his family find him. They cover K113's body and bring her to the house. She is soon buried and she conacts Auris. He wants to bring her back but she says he has to get as strong as her and then she would come back. Auris trains and trains and finally he pushes beyond his limits and he becomes as stong as K113. He and the Z-Fighters collect the dragonballs and wish her back. She is proud and she thanks him consently. He is an incrdible fighter and his power surpasses his own mentors.


Auris is kind and he is a lot like Goku. He is heroic and noble. Kinda headstrong but he is still a good person.


-He has a crush on Jayjja Mii

-He has a personality like Goku

-Has a guardian character

-Has Terrakinesis

-He is stronger then K113

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