Babidi is the creator of Majin Buu. He

Babidi giving orders to Majin Jace and Talina.

also turns Vegeta, Jace and Talina majin.


He is cruel and he doesn't care who gets killed/hurt by his creations.

Saying of hisEdit

The lives of those I control will become a cesspool in which foul and evil things breed; darkness will be their new light!

Babidi's Mind Control (How he is able to control minds)Edit

Babidi has many mind control spells and he can control anyone with evil in their hearts. Vegeta had (and still has) evil in his heart so he was easy for Babidi to control. But Jace and Talina were harder. He changed Talina majin because she has the essence of all saiyans in her heart and their evil and hatred of Frieza caused her to carry some evil inside her. As for Jace, he had a complicated past and that hatred of his former life of crime and poverty caused him to have some evil in his heart.

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