Biri is the childhood best friend of
Biri holding a black star dragon ball

Biri holding the Black 3 star dragonball.

Vegeta. She is a full blooded saiyan and she is is only a child when Planet Vegeta is destroyed, luckily she is on a mission on another planet so she is spared. She is also the fiance' of Cage, and the mother of Chiruun. She is perky, sarcastic, and cocky. She loves fighting and her power level is equal to Vegeta's.

Biri's PowersEdit

Biri is a physical and a mental fighter. She has Chronokinesis, Aerokinesis and Necrokinesis. Chronokinesis allows her to be able to control and freeze time. Aerokinesis allows her to be able to control air and weather. Necrokinesis allows her to be able to weaken someones body and immune system this way she can kill them without being seen doing it. Biri also has the spirit of the Elepant. These are the traits; intellegance, power and loyalty. She can also go Super Saiyan until level 6 and her power is equal to Vegeta's. Biri is an incredible fighter, she defanetly has the fighting prowess and power of a saiyan.

Later onEdit

When Biri is looking for a home in space and meets a boy by the name of Cage. She falls in love with him and she even has a child with him, a girl they name Chiruun. She and Cage never marry but they are close friends and life partners. Biri loves her family and she would do anything for them.

Biri missed vegeta (vegeta WTF)

Biri finds Vegeta training in the gravity chamber.

Story FlashbackEdit

When Biri is 25 she tells her fiance' that she is off to find an "old friend", he asks her who she simply answers Vegeta. Then she kisses him, tells her daughter Chiruun goodbye, grabs her go bag and a capsule then she leaves. Once in space she tracks Vegeta's power and she comes to Earth. She finds him at Capsule Corp.then she acts a little strange. They train, eat together and spend a lot of time together mostly spent fighting. She even scares Bulma enough to make her think that she was trying to steal Vegeta. She laughs and tells Bulma about her family back home. She then tells Bulma that she is going to return home in 3 days. After their little talk she goes back to training with Vegeta, she tells him about her family then she goes home 3 days later.


Biri is kind, perky, and fun to be around. She is stubborn, sarcastic and cocky. She doesn't know when to shut up and she has a big mouth, but she does have to skills to back it up. She loves helping others and she is very secretive. Biri values her life, family and her fighting very much, they are most important to her.


We love, We fight, We all loose eventually.


-Is a full blooded saiyan

-Has navy blue ki

-Is as strong as Vegeta

-Is in posession of the Black 3 Star Ball

-Her most dormant power is Kromokinesis

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