Blue LaunchEdit

Blue Launch is the wife of Android 27 and the mother of
Blue launch

Blue Launch =)

Celia, Aiden and Suriana. She is NOT a fighter but she helps the Z-Fighters whenever she can. She cares about her family more than anything.

Story FlashbackEdit

In the Future DBZ timeline Launch dies (both blonde and blue) but in Maja the 2 Launch's seperate.

One day Blue Launch was cooking and she spilled pepper, it made her sneeze so hard she and Blonde Launch seperated. They were stunned but they became good friends. Blonde Launch gets together with Tien and later marries him. She meets and marries Android 27.


Blue Launch is the oppisite of Blonde Launch, she is bubbly, fun and happy all the time. Also she does not carry a machine gun she only carries a small hand gun and a pack of ammo (= Hehe =). She is always worrying about 27 and her kids when they go out fighting but she still loves them to bits.


-Is NOT a fighter

-Has 3 children with Android 27

-Loves cooking

-Is a human