Bron ShinhanEdit

Bron Shinhan is the husband of Amaya. He is also the
Bron shinhan

Bron Shinahan.

father of Tien, Dede (Dendera), Neivia, Starz, Kadrance, Mia, Tariah , Orchid, Columbine, Mirai, Mayleen, Jayleen, Mira, Zerick, Jasminn and Tia (Tiara). He and Amaya also adopt 2 kids; Ice and Koro. Bron is a fighter and he fights with the Maja Z-Fighters/Gen1 along side his family and friends. He also trains the new Z-Fighters.

Bron's PowersEdit

Bron is both a physical and a physic fighter. He has Terrakinesis, Electrokinesis, Umbrakinesis and Hydrokinesis. Terrakinesis allows him to be able to bend earth/rock. Electrokinesis allows him to be able to use the weather and the electromagnetic field to produce and bend electricity. Umbrakinesis allowis him to be able to blend into the shadows and gather information. Hydrokinesis allows him to be able to bend any liquid or water (he can also control ice using hydrokinesis). Bron is an incredible fighter and his power level is around Goku and Vegeta's power levels (not equal to them but close).


Bron keeps mostly to himslef and he is queit but he is not afraid to speak his mind. He always has a back up plan and he can sense whether or not he can win. Bron and Amaya always encourage their kids to fight fair and with
Bron and amaya

Bron and Amaya <3

their whole heart. He loves and cares deeply about his family and he would do anything for them.

Info about BronxAmayaEdit

Bron met Amaya when he was 13 (Amaya was 10) and through their realationship they jumped through all kinds of hurdles such as the fact that Amaya's father couldn't stand Bron. It got so bad that her father beat Bron up and bad (she was 12 at the time and he was 15). But she and Bron remained close and then on her 14th birthday she found out she was pregnant with Tien . Bron trusts Amaya and he knows he can tell her anything.

Bron and Amaya's realationship was still being tested even after Tien's birth. Bron and Amaya needed money so Bron decided to enter the WMAT. Everything was going good until he was sevourly wounded in the finals. He ended up winnng the match and the tournament but he didn't escape unscathed. They used most of Bron's winnings to pay for the medical bills and then they realized that they couldn't keep Tien . So that's how Tien ended up with Shen and Tao. They kept tabs on Tien all through out his life and they reunited with him when Garnet, Calcite and Amber were three.


-He was beaten up by Amaya's father when he is 15

-After loosing Tien after the WMAT he went back to fighting in Budokai

-Has Terrakinesis

-He can teleport

-He keeps his wedding ring on the green guardians necklace around his neck

-Has dark purple ki

-Amaya convinced him to get his ears pierced

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