Buri Edit



Buri is the technical daughter of Majin Buu. She is pretty much a regenerated form of her father Majin Buu but only she is female. She has a brother, Buro. They don't always get along but they still care deeply about each other. Upon being born she meets Goya, Seripa, Vella and Lenira, they all become friends. And like her father she has an immense power, she also can look innocent but she can also take on a dark dangerous look. Buri and her brother also have bad tempers but she can talk herself and her brother out of pretty much any situation. Her brother also got a puppy that look like her fathers dog Bee, there pets name is Bean. She is against getting the dog but she eventually falls for the puppy. Buri loves her brother and lives to carry on her fathers place.

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