Cassidite 'stay here peridot'

Cassidite goes to talk with Tien (Maja Future).

Cassidite is the mother of Peridot and the wife of Tien but from another timeline. But she and her daughter are not from the timeline that Zuko and Aqua are from. She is from the timeline that follows the destruction caused by 17 and 18 model 3.0 that were created by Dr.Hanh. Her Tien is killed trying to fight them. Then she takes Peridot to the house to gather some belongings and they ran for the time machine that he created for them, they get transported to Maja Future. There they meet Tien and his family. After a bunch of explaining and tears they got a small house near Tien 's. She was cold to them but Peridot seemed happy. A few months later Peridot received a message from her husband in other world, he told her to keep strong and he said it was okay for Peridot to call Tien daddy. Through tears she and Peridot thanked him and then went to dinner at Tien 's. Later that week her mother and Tien got into a heated argument and she wanted to go back to there timeline but Tien didn't want Peridot to leave. Then a message came form her husband, he told her to stay here because Peridot was happy here. They cried and she agreed to stay. After all the drama and tears she and Tien became good friends and they remained in Maja Future.

Cassidite is stubborn, quiet and very smart. She is sneaky and can get away with a lot. Like Blonde Launch she started as a criminal but she became good. And knowing that guns wouldn't do her much, her husband taught her how to fight. She became good at and she lives on the thrill of a fight. Cassidite loves her family and would do anything for her daughter.

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