Cell is a villain in DBZ and he is the same in Maja Future. He is cold, ruthless and


he doesn't care who he hurts.

He fights Gohan and the Maja Z-Fighters/Gen1. He defeats the Z-Fighters easily but Gohan had a secret weapon, he was fighting with Talina and she was combining their power and strength. Finally, when he was going to blow himself up and Goku and Talina transportated them to King Kai's Planet, he, King Kai, Gregory, Bubbles, Goku, and Talina were killed and in Maja Future he doesn't come back. But he does leave a farewell present, it is basically a cacoon containing a android girl. The Z-Fighters take the cacoon back to Capsule Corp.and when it hatches and then his daughter Tozarit is born. To his dismay she is raised by the Z-Fighters and she becomes part of the Maja Z-Fighters/Gen2.

Cell is still cruel and heartless though.

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