Columbine is the 9th oldest of
8columbine huh

Columbine huh.

Bron and Amaya. She is also the twin sister of Orchid. She is stubborn, hard headed but over all she is a good person. She loves fighting and she joins the Z-Fighters with her sister.

Columbine's PowersEdit

Columbine is a mental and a physical fighter. She has Hydrokinesis, Aerokinesis and Fantakinesis. Hydrokinesis allows her to be able to control and bend liquids. Aerokinesis allows her to be able to control air and weather. Fantakinesis allows her to be able to create fantasies and bring them to life. Columbine is an incredible fighter and she loves fighting.

Later onEdit

When Columbine goes to Mininsa with her family she meets a boy by the name of Aero, he is serving as a royal knight. She is attracted to him and he feels the same. She doesn't tell anyone but Aero finds out. They slowly express their feelings for each other and they start dating a few months later. They find out she is pregnant with a girl they name,Anemone . Columbine and Aero never marry but she loves her family very much.


Columbine is stubborn, headstrong and a little bossy. She is protective of her sister and she loves fighting. She is fun to be around and she can get rude when she is scared or angered.


-Has violet blue ki

-Her most dormant power is Echokinesis

-She is younger than Orchid (Orchid is born October 15th 10:32 pm and she is born October 15th at 10:36 pm)

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