Cotton is the son of Pariah and Trunks
Cotton shinhan brief

Cotton Shinhan Kale Breif (Moret).

from another timeline. Pariah finds him when she is out on a search and rescue mission and brings him back to her hospital for treatment. He thanks her and they have an instant connection. He tells her about his past and his history, she tells Trunks about him and after everything is settled he stays with his mother Pariah and his aunt Pyra. He sees his father but things between them are awkward but he loves both his parents and he cares deeply for his siblings (Trunks kids in Maja Future; Cameron, Fiere and Tammi) as well as Pariah's daughter Cloves. He later gets close to and cares deeply for her mothers husband Castor and there child Lee. Shortly, after the hospital is restored he tells his parnets about their daughter and his sister back in his own timeline, her name is Venus. Upon finding out his parents send him to get her. She lives with him and his mother at the hospital.

Cotton's PowersEdit

Cotton is a physical and a physic fighter. He has Umbrakinesis and Pyschokinesis. Pyschokinesis allows him to
Cloves and cotton napping1

Cotton and Colves napping.

control the minds of others and he can make them do as he pleases. Umbrakinesis allows him to be able to blend into the shadows and collect information. Cotton can also become a Super Orodon and a Super Saiyan. He is a very strong and wise fighter.


Cotton is a peace keeper between his parents because things got really awkward between them when he came to Maja Future and he can defuse any

Pariah watching cotton

Pariah talking to Cotton (just as he wakes up)

situation. He is kind and understanding. Very wise and compassionate. He is kinda headstrong but not that much.


I will help whoever I can, whenever I can.


-He closest to Cloves (his mothers daughter)

-Has Umbrakinesis

-He made the arm band that says 'Pariah's Hospital' (whoever is gurading the hospital wears one)

-Doesn't have 3 eyes even though he is a Shinhan

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