DBZ Maja FutureEdit

Evil talina and jace

Majin Jace and Talina.

(:Maja Future Introduction:)
Hi this is Shygirl2118 or Shy and welcome to DBZ Maja Future. It is Dragonball Z fanfiction. Read this and visit the How to Join page. Hope you enjoy.

=Note: U have 2 watch the Dragonball Z series b4 u can understand this fanfiction about the DBZ Maja Future.Edit

So if you have any questions or want to join message me or my sisters on our wiki accounts or on our shared e-mail].


(=Thanks =)
2 trouble makers jace and talina

Jace and Talina standing over an unscious Trunks.

Maja Future Story FlashbackEdit

The Maja timeline is very simillair to the normal DBZ timeline. Although there are some things in the Maja Future that are differernt from the original DBZ timeline. For instance Goku has another daughter named Talina and she and her partner Jace go Majin after fighting Babidi in hell.

Ok so let me back up anyways the story goes like this Android 17 and 18 reck the future then they get stopped by Dr.Hanh's, Dr.Cris and Crisis's androids. Along with the help from the Z-Fighters they were able to ban together and stop the androids. Talina, Goku and the Z-Fighters also destroyed Cell as well. Many peaceful years passed then Babidi showed up with Majin Buu. The same events played out meaning that Goku and Talina defeated Buu with a spirit bomb and so on.

Anyways many years later
Talina and jace best pic

Talina leaning on Jace.

Talina and Jace were called to hell to take care of Babidi because he was causing trouble. Once they arrived they expected it to be easy but something was wrong. Suddenly she and Jace couldn't move and then they were hit by several ki blasts. Once they were freed Babidi spoke up and then hit Talina with the Majin spell. Jace's fate was no different and they both became Majin. They are the two most powerful people on the planet were now under the control Babidi. Then he instructed them to go and take care of the humans and the Z-Fighters. They did and that sent the world into chaos again. ****Pause****
Super saiyan talina after fighting frieza and cell in hell just before her and jace went majin

SSJ Talina b4 she and Jace went Majin.

Hope u enjoyed the Maja Future and hope u join. See u soon.

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