Babidi plans

In the previous blogisode (blog episode) Biri left Earth to return to her planet to bring her family to Earth. She also cleared up things with Bulma. Meanwhile Majin Talina still had so much on her mind that kept her awake, the biggest thing on her mind was what was she going to do before, during and after giving birth to RT. Also in the episode Raine and Avelynn came across a little girl all alone in the forest. The girl later revealed that she was not only blind and nearly deaf but that she was an android. Her creator was Dr. Nikaidou and after some discusion with the Z-Fighters became allied with her. But the threat of the Majin saiyans still loomed in the distance.

DBZ Maja Future: Episode 18Edit

"What?" Tien said shocked turning to him Dr. Nikaidou said "Yes, I am in fact New Mininsan, see" she said brushing the hair away from her forehead revealing her third ocean, blue eye. Now knowing that Dr. Nikaidou was a Mininsa Jiin they could begin to intrust her with more, the Z-Fighters knew that Mininsa Jiin's were good people. Welcoming her in she, her kids and her androids joined the Z-Fighters.


"Attack now!" Babidi screamed in the mind of 2 of his Majin minions. Listening and obeying there master they flew in and attacked Dr. Nikaidou's lab and the lab at Z-Fighters Headquarters. Reesmbling outside in the West courtyard the Z-Fighters dispensed of the Majin minions. But knowing the damage they would have to rely on the lab at Capsule Corp for all the supplies. Also Dr. Nikaidou confessed that she had been working on an android at her lab and it had no doubtibly been destroyed.


Snickering evily he said to the android "Now collect all supplies and return to me my precious pet". Throwing his head back the evil wizard laughed and begin again thinking of his plan. Once the plans were in order and after the nuisence was born he could set his plan into action. Setting it up would take some doing but once Jace was out of the way it wouldn't matter.

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