Baby cloves

Baby Cloves.

In the previous episode a fighting duo fought Z1 when she attacked North Town. They were able to beat her back and with the help of the Z-Team they thought they sent her running. She came back maybe 5 minutes later firing off lasers at them. Suddenly Majin Jace came out from no where and killed Z1 and just as soon as he came he left.

DBZ Maja Future: Episode 20Edit

The some wounded and mostly shocked group of Z-Fighters flew back to Headquarters, accompinied by the fighting duo who the Z-Fighters found out there names where Kalena and Keren. Back at Headquarters the some wounded fighters where patched up and the agruments started then. The Z-Fighters knew that Talina has less than a week on her pregnancy, so then they might be able to get on with the plan of killing them and bringing them back. But on the side who defended the Majin saiyans, said it isn't fair to kill them and bring them back thinking all will be ok. Just then Pariah clutched her stomach and dropped to the ground. Cotton and a still pregnant Pyra kneeled by her, she screamed suddenly they knew what was wrong, she was going into preterm labour. Picking her up Cotton flew down the hall and into an empty room with a bed. Setting her down she winced and grabbed his hand "Cotton, I need you to promise me something" "What is it mom?" Cotton said "I need you to promise that whatever happens to me you'll save the baby" looking at her shocked he nodded then said "I will but it won't come to that". Just then she felt another contraction hit her. Nyx and Bra entered the room, they knew the labour couldn't be stopped so they decided that they would just have to deliver the baby and hope for the best. "Alright Pariah your fully dialated we need to start the pushing" Nyx said, just then Bulma walked in with the towels and water. Grabbing a cloth Cotton dabbed it in the water and gentley wiped the sweat off his mothers forehead. "Push" Nyx said Pariah gave a hard 3 pushes and before they knew it a baby girl was born. Half crying and half laughing Pariah held her healthy 6 pound baby she later named Cloves. Smiling Cotton held his new baby sister and handing her to his aunt Turquoise he excused himself. Back in his room he sent the intertimeline transmission, it was time he was bringing his sister home.

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