Sacata and takra

Sacata and Takra, 2 new Z-Fighters.

In the previous episode RT had his 1st birthday. But the happy ocassion was marred by the tradgic lose of Jace and that Talina retreated into Hell. But the Son family tried there best to keep in good spirits for RT. In happier news Pariah's life took a good turn after the Hospital was rebuilt she had her baby, Pyra had hers and she had 2 other beautiful children from the Zodiac Timeline; Cotton and Venus. Her life had been good and even though it held many challenges she wouldn't change it for anything. Meanwhile Talina sat down in Hell and thought of her son turning 1. She sang a sad Happy Birthday to him from Hell as she remembered the day he was born. Horrible and sad memories reached her as she thought. But now without the power of her Dimesion Mite Beam she could only leave Hell when she was summoned but she had no desire to leave, none at all.

DBZ Maja Future: The Aftermath/ Episode 2Edit

In the year that had passed the Z-Fighters gained new allies such as; Dr. Yamori and his androids along with Dr.Tsukiyomi and Dr.Light's androids and kids. They also added some new Z-Fighters; Saltridar, Seigo, Sacata, Takra, also Pinto and her large family were just a few. They now had the power of the dragonballs restored but couldn't be used for 1 year. Inlisting the help of the Namekians' they could use the dragonballs when they needed them, so the Z-Fighters decided to wait for things to settle down before making there wishes to Porunga. Things had begin to look up for all and they couldn't wait the next get together at Capsule Corp.


Delivering a hard, kick to Cell's chest she flipped over backwards and hit Bibidi with a Special Beam Cannon. Quietly she flew by firing off more blasts. She was so angry and so hurt, she lost Jace, lost her kids and now had nothing to do but pound villains in Hell. Suddenly a blast came from the black. swirling sky, a portal had been opened and through it came Jace. He was no doubt sent by Yemma to either get her or stop her. Glaring at him through her tears the red Majin mark darkened to black and she went off disappearing. Down in her hideout she began weaping but stopped letting her eyes change back to purple. Getting up she saw that the portal close so she thought Jace had gone, suddenly something came and hit her from behind. Fainting she fell and was left to weap on the ground in her hideout. Giving her a light smile Jace gave her a light kiss and slipping a picture into her pocket he left her allowing himself a few tears on the way back.

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