Gero myuu alliance

Dr.Gero and Dr.Myuu alliance in Hell.

In the previous episode Z-Fighters and allies couldn't wait to see there friends again at there get together at Capsule Corp. Meanwhile in Hell a still Majin Talina fought off some villains as a form of training and therapy. Then Jace showed up, but she disappeared. He found her and knocked her out, giving her a picture of there children with RT he left her giving one last kiss.

DBZ Maja Future: The Aftermath/ Episode 3Edit

"Well where is she?" Yemma asked Jace, "I'm sorry sir she was gone before I could catch her" sighing with annoyance he nodded and dismissed Jace. Leaving Jace took a portal ride up to Other World, he had been in contact with Caran and some other fallen fighters about his situation. They understand him and try to help him, they also hold nothing against he or Talina. He sighed and listened to the carefully to the advice given to him by Caran.


Dr.Myuu laughed as he and Dr. Gero put the finishing touches on the blueprints to Super Bebe, there newest creation (Super Bebe takes the place of Super 17 because GT nevers happens). Sighing with bordem Talina drifted into a daydream after the fourth time she snapped out of the daze as she was to collect the supplies that were left over from Babidi's plan. Giving a curt nod her black eyes locked onto Babidi's old hideout. As she got in she began collecting parts, tools and the old parts and shoved them into the boxes. Picking up a chip, remote and glove she began to wonder. She knew what the doctors' were creating so she decided to take matters into her own hands. Smiling with satisfaction as she put the glove on she carried the supplies and stopping by her hideout she dropped off her 3 mechanical treasures. Flying back to the doctors she handed over the supplies and went until she was need again. Back at her hideout she began toying with the glove, she found she shrink it and even get it to change sizes and to even camoflauge as a human hand. Snickering she starting programing the glove with all the good and purity she had in her. Feeling a tiny bit of happiness with in she kept working knowing that if she failed the Earth would be destroyed.

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