In the previous episode Talina came to New Namek via her
Majin sign
Instant Transmission Beam. There she used the dragonballs to revive all the people killed by or because of her and Jace when they were Majin. Her second wish was to transport all the people that were brought back to Earth. The last wish was made by her Namekian friend Tuscan, he wished to bring Jace back. Once he was there they reunited and shared a kiss, after thanking the Namekians, they headed back to Earth, where they were reunited with there children. After that they celebrated but the question still on the Z-Fighters minds are 'Why did the Super Bebe android say that Talina was her master'.

DBZ Maja Future: The Aftermath/ Episode 6Edit

Smoke billowed from the room that was given to the android Bebe. Trunks, Pride, Vegeta and Bulma ran to the room. Just then they heard Talina's voice outside they checked in another room and found her outside with the android. She was holding the android and stroking the androids hair like the android was her own child. The fighters ran down the stairs and went outside. The android was crying hard and it clung to Talina. Looking at them confused Trunks asked "Talina what's going on, what happened, how do you know her?", looking up Talina said "I helped Myuu and Gero create Super Bebe" she paused and said "I changed her programming so she would and only can obey my controls and commands, meaning that Gero and Myuu have no control of her, they tried and that upsets her". She paused looking at the android with the marking on her, she smiled and got up, standing the android up she whispered something in Namekian to Jace he nodded and picked up the android. They went inside and phoned the rest of the Z-Fighters alerting them off what Talina told them they also said to meet at Kami's Lookout, they were going to rebuild it. Once all the Z-Fighters arrived the construction began, nearly 12 hours later it was done. The Lookout was completly repaired they even found Popo, he went to Korin Tower. They also helped plant flowers for Popo and they helped Korin start to regrow the Senzu Beans. After the days work Talina put the android to bed in the small conjoining room, that they were going to use as a urser, they didn't even set it up. They set out a cot for her and gave her some blankets and a pillow. After that she and Jace layed down together and began speaking to eaech other of the 5 years they were apart, the next thing to do on her list was to visit King Yemma and the Grand Elder in Other World and the Check-In station. She smiled and snuggled against Jace, she fell asleep in his arms and had no dreams.

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