Majin sign

In the previous episode Super Bebe blew up a room at Capsule Corp. putting some tension in the air. But Talina assures them that everything is okay with her. She also informs the Z-Fighters that the android only obeys her commands, so there would be know chance of her being evil. She also explained what happened to her in hell over the 5 years to Jace as he told her of his time in Other World. Talina also promised to visit both King Yemma and the Grand Elder of Namek in Other World.

DBZ Maja Future: The Aftermath/ Episode 7Edit

I wake feeling some tingling feeling throughout my body. I realize that Jace is still snoring beside me I quickly jot down a note for him and leave, still feeling shaky. I fly to the Check-In Station where I speak with King Yemma, I have a job again but this time minus the whole Babidi thing because well he's gone, yeah he's already gone but he is in the Oblivion Abyss forever. I tell him about that I get clearance to enter Other World. That's when I figure it out, that was the tingling, someone was telling me to right by wrongs. There are very few people who can find me from Other World and the only one that I know for sure is the First Grand Elder of Namek. He has been my master since my first visit to Namek when I helped my father. The Elder has always been very understanding of me and he's who I'm here to see hear. I find him under a tree looking over a bright beautiful stretch of sparkling ocean. I smile, walk foward and bow before him. He smile and greets me. We talk and near the end of our conversation he tells me something I won't soon forget, he tells me that I was freed of my Majin curse by Kami. I am stunned but he explains it to me, he tells me that Kami left Piccolo because he figured out he was the person that Jace and I both had in common and both loved, I didn't understand until he said 'loved' meaning it had to be Kami because well he was gone. I nod but I never knew that Kami meant so much to Jace but its understandable because he meant a lot to me too. I thank the Grand Elder and go on my way all the while thinking of my life back at the Lookout. I miss that life, where things were simpler but my life now isn't so bad now.

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