Daicha is the guardian character of Auris. He was given to Auris by Ima for


his 5th birthday. Daicha gives Auris the drive and incouragment he needs to become the fighter that he is. He is mainly focused on athletic abilities and speed.

Daicha's Character Purpose/How He Came to be with AurisEdit

Guardian characters are found in the spirit of things that children love. They can be freed and thats how he was given to Auris. Ima new that her son loved to fight and she got him a training uniform, he loved it and Daicha was created. Ima found him playing with a ping pong ball and she told him that her son needed a companion. He came with Ima and he was given to Auris.

His purpose as Auris's guardian character is...

He keeps Auris possitive and he keeps him pumped and excited to fight. He helps him train and he helps with moral support and he was created from Auris's love of fighting.


Daicha is kind and really innergetic. He is always happy and pumped up. He loves to
Auris and guardian character daicha

Auris and Daicha.

play soccer, spar fight, and help Auris train.


-Was given to Auris by Ima

-Was created from Auris's love of fighting

-Specializes in Terrakinesis

-Loves to play soccer


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