Dende is pretty much the same as he is in the normal Dragonball Z
Dende 1

Dende with his family on Earth.

Timeline. He is still the new guardian of Earth. he lives up at the Lookout with his family, Mr.Popo, Piccolo's family.

Dende's Love LifeEdit

He falls in love with Mesa. She comes to the Lookout and she becomes Popo's assistant. She flirts with him and he developes a crush on her. They start dating not even a year later. 3 years later they find out Mesa is pregnant. They don't tell anyone but 4 months into Mesa's pregnancy she finds out that she is pregnant now with twins. 5 months later she gives brith to a boy they name Sanan. 4 months after that she give birth to a girl they name Dera. Later they find out Mesa is pregnant with a baby girl they name Jem. Dende loves his family and he would do anything for them.

Special AbilitiesEdit

Dende has the power to heal, which is basically Vitakinesis. He can also fly as well as shoot a low grade ki blast. He is not a fighter but he has the spirit of one.


Dende is kind and understanding. He loves to help people and he aids the Z-Fighters whenever he can. He is caring and good person and loves his family very much.


-Has Vitakinesis

-Can fly

-He and Mesa never marry (false)

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