Discordia is the daughter of Android


109. She does not know who her father is but she loves her mother dearly. She is moody, sassy, and stubborn. She loves to fight but she is not allowed to join the Z-Fighters.

Discordia's PowersEdit

Discordia is a mental and a physical fighter. She has Kromokinesis, Biokinesis and Icekinesis. Kromokinesis allows her to be able to control cells. Biokinesis allows her to be able to control DNA. Icekinesis allows her to be able to control, create and bend ice. Discordia is powerful and she is an incredible fighter.


Discordia is stubborn, devious and headstrong. She is a lot like her mother but she is still kind. She loves fighting and she loves her mother.


-Is 1/2 android

-Has lime green ki

-Her mom gave her the 2 Monroe piercings on her cheeks

-Her most dormant power is Agrokinesis

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