Dr. Cris <Cris>Edit

Dr cris

Dr. Cris or Cris is the adopted little sister of Crisis. Crisis found her alone in the woods. He took her home and thats when she told him that Android Z1 and Z2 killed her parents. He sympathized with her and he told her what happened to his parents. She sympathesized with him and believe it or not she was very understanding for a 10 year old.

Cris's PowerEdit

She has access to Pyrokenesis and Metakinesis. Pyrokinesis allows her to be able to control fire. Metakinesis allows her to be able to control metal or anything metal based. Because she is 1/2 android she has all the abilities of Hahn's androids and all the powers that Crisis's androids have.

Story FlashbackEdit

She went to Dr. Hahn and told Hahn to change her into an android because Crisis wouldn't do it. Hahn agreed but he told her that her eye color would be changed to match the color of his androids eyes. She agreed and he changed her. When she returned to Crisis, he was dissapointed but he still loved her just as much. They kept working then Crisis became involved with Calcite, so Cris volenteered to take his place at the lab. She wished him luck and he left. She kept working and thats when she created Android BC model 2 (Bia) 6 months later she found out Crisis was killed by the androids. She blamed Garnet and she swore revenge. When she told the other androids the news she realized that Mackenzie was gone. No matter where she looked Mackenzie wasn't their. Finally she gave up and that's when she became an android herself. She had Android BC model 2 (Bia) change her until she became a full super android. After that she continued her quest to find Mackenzie. Once she succeeded she came to the Shinhans and almost killed everyone at the house. Mackenzie explained what happened and she told Cris what what Crisis think. So she left and though she knew what happened, she didn't care she still hated Garnet. Most of her androids became Z-Fighters but she never did.

Dr.Cris (becoming a mother)Edit

Cris does have one daughter. Her daughters name is
Dr.cris comforting realm

Dr.Cris comfroting Realm, after her first fight.

Realm. Dr.Cris loves her very much and she is very, very protective of Realm and she always has Android D46 go with Realm when they go out shopping or fighting and Realm doesn't mind it because Android D46 is her best friend. She loves her daughter and she would do anything for her.


-Secretly her favorite android was Android BC model 2 (Bia)

-She was born with her rainbow section of hair

-Is very protective of Realm

-She got the scars from her android change proceedure

-She has Pyrokinesis

-Doesn't age past age 24