Draven is the older brother of Briar. He and his family lived in constant fear of the Company. Many years before he was born his father borrowed money from the Company and they took there payment not only in money but with back breaking labour. Finally after years of hard, grueling labour and abuse at the hands at the Company his father passes. Months later his mother dies in childbirth leaving him to finish what the Company started to collect. Things intensified as he was not only forced into hard labour he was beaten and sexually abused as well. Years of this abuse were stopped when he killed the Company's leader. For a while things are peaceful and he even has a girlfriend. The Company comes after him again and this time they do the unthinkable and nearly kill him and they take away his ability to speak (by cutting his tounge out). Sadly he does loose his little brother Briar to the Company.

But on a much lighter note he does come out of it and later marries Lenira. 3 years after getting married they find out that Lenira is pregnant with a baby girl they name Sear. Despite his rough past he is still a husband and father, he loves his family very much.

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