Emily is the daughter of Hasky and Colonel Silver. She knows her mother but she mostly raised by her father. She is thoughtful, kind and loving. She is not really a fighter but she does when she has to. She also loves her sister Pinto, Vicia, and Jabia and her father.

Special AbilitiesEdit

Emily is not really a fighter. But she does have Revitakinesis, which allows her to be able to bring anything to life (and no not dead people). She is also skilled with
Emily chucks

Emily's nunchucks.



Emily is sweet as sugar and she wouldn't hurt a fly. She is kind, smart and thoughful. She is there for others and she loves her family very much.


-Has never met her mother

-Is a great cook

-Her father gave her, her nunchucks for her 8th birthday

-She shares a striking resembles to her mother Hasky

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