Faith is the oldest daughter of Dede (Dendera) and Virgo. She is a lot like
Faith 1

Faith Shinhan-Auset.

Dede (Dendera) and she is not afraid to say what she needs to say. Faith is very protective of her sisters and her family later in life. She is very good at keeping her power and emotions under control in a fight, but there are times when she looses it. She is both a physical and a mental fighter. She is skilled at both. She can also go Mistique` and she can become a Super Orodon. Faith also has acess to Hydrokensis which she can use it to bend anything that is liquid. She also has Metakinsis which allows her to munipulate metal so she can bend it. Faith is also a very trust worthy person and her sisters can always talk to her when they need help.

Faith's PowersEdit

Faith's mental powers are her strongest allies she is able to use Hydrokensis to bend and control water. She also has Metakinsis which she uses to control and shape mental. Her telephantic powers go of the charts she is able to munipulate other minds at will. She can also force her will against their own will to control their body and mind. She also has the power Plirokinesis which allows her to control information of others. As a young child she begin to develope mental powers which her cousins Raine and Snow help her change and shape her powers. She always strives to be the best and she also tries hard to keep gettting stronger but is not always easy to keep up with her mom and the others. Faith is mostly a mental fighter but she is also a little bit of a physical fighter.

Later onEdit

When Faith turns 16 she enters the Budokai Tournament. In the Semi-Finals round she fights a boy named Auto he is part of an elite fighting group. He and Faith battle it out for 10 minutes then Faith uses the Dodon Ray and blasts him out of the ring. Instead of gloating she reaches her hand down to help him up. After that, he congratulates her on the win. Then out of the blew he asks her out. She replies immeditley and tells him yes. 2 years later, she finds out she is pregnant with their son Alias. 4 years after that, she finds she is pregnant again with their daughter Bryn. Faith loves Auto and her children dearly and would do anything for them.


-Faith and Auto have 2 children together

-She has dark purple ki

-She is a lot like Dede (Dendera)

-She is both a physical and a mental fighter

-Faith's mentors are Bron, Dede (Dendera), Virgo and Neivia

-Has Hydrokinesis

-She is mostly a mental fighter

-Her favorite colors are grey and dark purple &nbsp