Feather -Good Side-

Feather is a mishap craetion of Dr.Hanh. She was made to be an industructable fighting machine but the wrong formula was used and she ended up as a sugary sweet little girl with a split personality. On the one side Feather is a kind, sweet, inoccent little girl with really no clue of her oppisite bad side. But when she becomes hurt or angered her bad side comes up sending her into a collective, bitchy type state. The one person who can help her control this phase change is her boyfriend Pledge. She loves him very much and he is her drive to keep fighting. Feather is origanally sent to destroy the Z-Fighters but she goes good (was always kinda good anyways) then she joins them, after that she is taken in by Pearl as one of her own. She later ends up marrying Pledge. Feather loves her family and they are everything to her.

Feather bad

Feather -Bad Side-

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