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Gabriel is the life partner of Senta. Father of Zennia and the older brother of Melinda. He and Melinda were raised by a drunk of a mom and they never knew there father. Gabriel pretty much raises his baby sister and once he meets Senta, she helps raise her. Gabriel loves his family dearly and he would do anything for them.

Gabriel's PowersEdit

Gabriel is a mental and a physical fighter. He has Kromokinesis, Terrakinesis and Pyrokinesis. Kromokinesis allows him to be able to control cells. Terrakinesis allows him to be able to control and bend earth/rock. Pyrokinesis allows him to be able to control and bend fire. He also prefers to fight with his dagger and gun than to his fist. Gabriel is good with hand-to-hand combat and for a human he is an incredible fighter.

Later onEdit

When Gabriel is 16 his mother is killed by Android 7 and even though she was not the best mother he went to find Android 7 and make him pay. He is beaten by Android 7 and he is severly wounded and Senta finds him when she is out on patrol. She brings him to her home because Pariah's Hospital was full after another android attack. Once she arrives her mother helps her clean him up then they let him sleep in their guest room. He wakes 2 days later so she explains what happened. He thanks her and he tells her that his little sister Melinda was with him. So come to find out his little sister was found by Cotton and Eboni, and she was safe at Eboni's house. She brings Melinda to him and after he recovers she takes Gabriel in as her student. They train together a lot and after some time they are going out. When Senta is 17 she finds out she is pregant with a baby girl they name Zennia. Senta and him never marry but they do stay together until the end. Gabriel loves his family and he would do anything for them.


Gabriel is devious, collective and thick skinned. He is loyal to his friends and family and he only shows his softer side to them. Gabriel is an altogether bad boy and he would do anything for his family.


-He and Senta never marry

-Is ki sensitive

-Has a total of 11 piercings

-Pretty much raised Melinda

-His most dormant power is Metakinesis

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