Gosena with her flying cloud Stratuis.

Gosena is born the daughter of Keiko and Goku but she is from the timeline that Cotton comes from. She comes to Maja Future 3 months after the death of Erebus in her own timeline. She lives with her parents and her siblings. All her family is welcoming of her exept for Goya she is cold to her at first but they become great friends. Gosena is kind, ditzy and stubborn. She loves fighting and can go SSJ until level 4. She is closest to Venus and Goya. She is 1/2 saiyan but she doesn't have the saiyan appitite some of her family has. She falls in love with a human boy named. Gateon , she has a daughter with him her name is Gaea. Gosena loves her family very much and she would do anything for them.

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