Hathor is the older sister of Vegeta and Tarble. Unlike Vegeta she was not
Hathor sister of vegeta


given to Frieza instead she lived with her father who Frieza, Vegeta and Tarble thought were dead. Her father trained her as a fighter, assassain, and a leader. She was the one who convinced Goku's siblings to come to Earth, she also got Biri and Tarble to come as well.

Hathor is calm, collective and smart. She is also the wife of Alec and the mother of Ikuto, Devon and Ember. She is a fighter and she does what she can to help.

Hathor's PowersEdit

Hathor is a mental and a physical fighter, but she is mostly a physic (mental) fighter. She has Electrokinesis, Revitakinesis, Haemokinesis and Astrakinesis. Electrokinesis allows her to be able to control, bend and create electricity. Revitakinesis allows her to be able to bring anything to life (but not dead people).Haemokinesis allows her to be able to control and bend blood in another body. Astrakinesis allows her to be able to teleport to other places but only her spirit travels not her physical body. She is also good with mind tricks and she is very munipulitive. She is a highly trained assassain and she is very stealthy. Hathor is an incredible fighter and she is very skilled.

Later onEdit

Hathor meets a guy named Alec, she was sent to kill his brother but she decided not to because and she saw that they were having financial troubles. So she instead decides to take her pay and she then goes to warn them. Alec is puzzled and he asks her why she decided to spare them, she simply answers "because". He knows that she is hiding something so he reads her mind and soon he finds out that she spared him because she has a crush on him. He is suprised but then he tells her what he knows she is mad but she admits it. They kiss. Meanwhile, his brother had his throat slashed, once they find out they are devestated and he was assassainated by a reval by Hathor. They bury him that night and after that they set off. 2 months later they marry, a year later they find out she is pregnant with a boy they name Ikuto. 2 years later she gets pregnant this time with a girl named Devon. 6 years later she is pregnant with a girl named Ember. Hathor loves her family and she would do anything for them.


Hathor is calm, collective and smart. She is elegant, wise and she is a good listener. She is skilled and stealthy and she takes nothing for granid.


-Is a full blooded saiyan

-Has black ki

-Is an assassain

-Her most dormant power is Dracokinesis

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