Honesty DBZ Maja FutureEdit

Honesty is the oldest of Tear Seth's triplets. She is very short tempered and always itching for a fight. She


defenitley has the personality of a saiyan and the physic abilitlies of someone from New Mininsa. Over all, Honesty is a very good person and a very good fighter. She is always honest and always looking out for her little sisters. She is very kind and caring when it comes to people in need and also her family and friends. She is closest to her father Seth and her litle sister Sincerity. She would do anything for her sisters including give up her own life, that's really how close they are.

Later OnEdit

When Honesty turned 13 her and her sisters were called to New Mitsumea and take their place on the throne. After discussing the issue they decided that they would go to Mitsumea and rule. Honesty was the first one to rule and she loved it she finally felt accepted unlike on Earth where she was teased for having three eyes. Now she felt home. For her and her sisters 16 birthday a huge party was thrown for them and that's where she met the boy Osiris who was serving as a Knight. She fell head over heels for him and he did the same for her. They start dating immeditley and only a year later Honesty was pregant with twins. Which they later name Amanda and Miranda. Her and Osiris never marry but they remain life partners up until the end.


I would do anything to protect my family and the helpless

Trivia Edit

- Honesty has the personality of someone from New Mitsumea and the power of a saiyan

- Honesty is very honest

- She meets Osiris at her 14 birthday party

- She has aqua ki

- She and Osiris never marry