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Ima Wolf.

Ima (pronounced Ee-muh) or Android IM is the wife of Yamcha. She is also the mother of Trent, Yelena, January, Ruby, Dominique`, Zelle and Auris. Ima also has a stepdaughter, her name is Seige. She is a loving doting mother and wife she loves her family and she would to anything for them. She caring, funny and very sarcastic but above all she is loyal and true to her word.

Ima's PowersEdit

Ima is a physical and a mental fighter. She has Pyrokinesis and she also has a few more techniques that she uses in battle. Pyrokinesis allows her to be able to control and bend fire. She has Pyrokinesis just like the rest of her android family.

List of techniquesEdit

-Hot Pink

-Asteroid Smash

-Cheetah Flash


-Star Beam

-Sun Streak

-Sky Fan (manuver)

-Love Triangle

Later onEdit

Yamcha and ima

Yamcha and Ima kissing at the Coma Club in south Satan City.

When she and her android partner were out on a "shopping spree" she came across a depressed Yamcha. She hid her android tatoo, walked over to him and asked what was the matter. He actually opened up to her and told her about what happened with him and Bulma. She comforted him and told him about her ex-boyfriend Critainin. They understood each other and then he asked her out on a date. She said yes and after 2 years the were hitched. Only 2 months after getting married they find out she is pregnant with their oldest child Trent, 2 years later they had ababy girl named Yelena. About 6 years after thats she is pregnant trilpets; January, Ruby and Dominique`. Another 4 years later they have there last child and daughter Zelle. 2 years after that she finds is pregnant with theier youngest, a boy by the name of Auris. She loves her family dearly and would to anything for them.


Ima is kind and caring she is always looking out others and she is always their to lend a hand. She is loyal and noble and she always is their to give her advice or imput.


-Has Pyrokinesis

-Has pink ki

-Ultimate technique is called "Hot Pink"

-She meets Yamcha at the East City Mall

-She is extremly loyal

-She is the only one of Dr.Cris and Crisis's androids that doesn't have blue eyes