Iru is the oldest daughter of Azuki. She is also the sister of Eru and Kakara.
0iru daughter of azuki


She is devious, clever and tough. Iru loves fighting and her mother and sisters are most important to her.

Iru's PowersEdit

Iru is a mental and a physical fighter. She has Umbrakinesis and Fantakiensis. Umbrakinesis allows her to be able to control and bend into shadows so she can gather information undected. Fantakinesis allows her to be able to turn fantasies into reality. Iru also has the spirit of the Thylacine. These are some techniques the Thylacine gives her: abilitiy to be mobile in the dark, stealth and speed. She can also go Super Saiyan until level 2, but she is still just as powerful. Iru loves fighting and she is an incredible fighter.


Iru is tough, thick skinned, and devious. She is sneaky and clever, she is also very munipulating and battle smart. She is quiet but she is very smart.


-Is closest to Eru

-Is older than Eru and Kakara (She is born October 16 at 18:09 saiyan time, Eru is born Oct. 16 at 18:12, Kakara is born Oct. 16 at 18:17)

-Her most dormant power is Electrokiensis

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