Jace is the life partner of Talina. He was created by Kami to be Talina's training partner. He was never supposed to fall in love with her but what happened, happened. Jace is equal to her in power and strength and because he was made to be her equal all his techniques are simillar to hers or some were adapted like hers. Jace is like the quieter, slyer and sneakier version of Talina. He and Talina have 3 kids together; Prince, Tylie and RT, the 2 also adopt a namekian boy Tuscan and a Yardronian boy named Varicose. Like Talina he is a good parent and he is usually to watch the kids while Talina is off in her saiyan form fighting but when she is in that he is usually the one to pull her out. He clings to Talina's every word and he loves her very much. He goes Majin with her and goes back once he sees the face of his father/creator Kami. Jace loves Talina and the kids very much, he would do anything for them.

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