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Jacon is the oldest child of Gohan and Videl. He is the older brother of Mickey, Emmie, and Pan. He is quiet,
Jacon looking for pan

Jacon looking for Pan.

smart, fun to be around but most all kind. He is 1/2 saiyan, 1/2 human and he is a fighter. He is killed trying to protect Pan from Z2.

Story Flashback:Edit

One day Jacon and Pan where home alone then suddenly he heard a bang outside. He knew that an android attack would take place soon. So he grabbed Pan and hid her. Then Z2 attacked their home and blew it up. He sheilded Pan and got severely wounded. Then he disappeared. When he parents and sisters got home they found Pan crying all alone. They searched and searched for him.Then 2 days later Mickey found a part of his training uniform, they followed it. Only a few yards away was his dead body, face down in a puddle. But even though he is gone his memory lives on t
Mickey stands over jacon's dead body

Mickey finds Jacon's dead body:*(

hrough his sisters and the rest of his family.

He was also the boyfriend to Mika. He was going to propose to her the next day.


"You may kill me but I won't go out without a good fight".


Is always wearing his Z earing

Mickey found his body

He came back for 7 hours and he gave Mika his 1 star dragonball charm

Was 17 when he died

Was killed by Z2

Got the scar on his cheek and forehead from 2 other serperate battles

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