Jakey is the daughter of Amy and Carter. She is cousins with Khonsumi and Belinda. Niece to Lola etc.


She is a born fighter and she was trained to fight since age 4. She is incredibly strong and many under estimate her but that is her biggest advantage.

She is a skilled with nun chucks and other various weapons but she only attacks when she is threatened.

She looks out for her cousins Khonsumi, Belinda and Darrack and her parents. She looks out for her Z-Teammates and she is very loyal. She is also close to her aunt and godmother Lola.

She helps the Z-Fighters as her parents did before her. She is devoted to them and she enjoys the fight practice, many friendships and helping of others.

She is the niece to Lola and she is 6 years younger than her. She would do anything for her.


Selfless, Kind, Thoughtful, Caring, Noble, Loyal, Headstrong, Compassionate, Understanding.


Got the scar on her leg from fighting Serpentine

Is closest to Khonsumi

Is born in March

Has no siblings

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