Joseph is the father of Celsia. He was also the lover of


Maritonan before she decided to become a lesbian. Joseph was always supportive of Maritonan even after she married Tarrasa. He was the one who got them together and sortly after that Maritonan and Tarrasa asked him if they could use his DNA so Bulma could help Maritonan get pregnant. He agreed on 2 conditions. 1 was that he would get equal custody of the baby as Maritonan and Tarrasa did. 2 he would be the baby's legal father and the baby would be raised with 2 moms and a dad. After that was settled Tarrasa and Maritonan asked him to move in with them. He said yes and 9 months later Celsia was born. He raised her as well as he promised and he kept his word to Maritonan and Tarrasa that if anything happened he could take Celsia somewhere safe. Joseph, Maritonan and Tarrasa raised her as a fighter and they reluctantly let her fight along side the Maja Z-Fighters/Gen2.

Joseph's PowerEdit

Joseph is an incredibly gifted fighter and he was raised to become strong. Joseph is also part android. He was sick and Android AZ offered to cure him but she told him the cure would change him into half an android. He told her as long as he got better he didn't care what it took. Once he was changed he came back to Maritonan and Tarrasa. He never told them about being changed and luckily they never find out. But because he was changed this made Celsia 1/4 android. Joseph is a great fighter and he is extremly gifted when it comes to fighting.


Joseph is quiet and reserved for the most part. But that all changes when Celsia is around. He becomes a fun, silly, sarcastic guy. Maritonan always tells him that he is a totally different guy around Celsia. He says he has to show her that not all things have to be so serious.


-He and Maritonan were lovers before she became a lesbian

-He was supportive of Maritonan and Tarrasa's romance and desicion to have a baby

-They used his and Maritonan's DNA to create Celsia

-He has maroon red ki

-Celsia is raised having 2 mothers and 1 father

-He is 1/2 android