Keil is the daughter of Android BC and Android DC.


She is kidnapped by Dr.Hanh while her mother is actually pregnant with her and her twin sister Cali. Keil is stubborn, head strong and thick skinned. She loves fighting and she joins the Maja Z-Fighters/Gen2 with her sister.

Keil's PowersEdit

Keil is a mental and a physical fighter. She has Dracokinesis and Pyrokinesis. Pyrokinesis allows her to be able to control and bend fire. Dracokinesis allows her to be able to control and create gases. Keil is an incredible fighter and she loves fighting.

Story FlashbackEdit

When Android BC is pregnant with her and her sister Cali she was kidnapped by Dr.Hanh. He sneaked into their home and he exsteracted her embroyo and DNA out. He then brought her back to his lab and he kept her alive with cords, machines and lots of care. She is born and then she is raised by Hanh until she is 5. Then her paretns and sister rescue her. She is glad to be home and she loves her family dearly.


Keil is strong willed and stubborn. She is rebelious and fun. She loves fighting and she loves her family.


-Has light purple ki

-Shares a striking resemblence to her sister Cali

-Her most dormant power is Terrakinesis

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